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Plastic Waste Collection

Plastic Recycling Solutions collects waste plastic scrap from all over the southeast of the UK. In some cases if the volume is large enough we will collect anywhere in the UK. We offer very good prices for all types of plastic scrap as we recycle the product at our own factory and have a large number of buyers of recycled plastic throughout the world.

We can collect waste in any form and can put stillages in free to collect any waste plastic that you have. If the plastic you have is bulky we can put in plastic machinery such as a baler. Although we charge rental for this you will find that this is more than offset by the prices that we pay for the plastic once it has been baled. If you want us to evaluate what you have with no commitment why not contact us.

Example Items We Recycle

  • Recycle Plastic Bags
  • Recycle Packaging Film
  • Recycle Plastic Coat Hangers
  • Recycle CD's & DVD's
  • Recycle Plastic Bottles
  • Recycle Industrial Waste
  • Recycle All Other Plastic Waste

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