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Plastic Waste Recycling Company

Plastic Recycling Solutions is an accredited plastic recycling company based in Kent in the United Kingdom. We offer a large range of services to deal with all forms of plastic scrap and recycled plastic material.

Plastic Recycling Services

Supply Plastic Recycling Equipment. We supply a large range of plastic recycling equipment that is specifically targeted by us to meet your unique waste requirements. We supply all types of equipment such as baling machines, compacting machines, plastic size reduction machinery eg. granulators and shredders. All of our machines are available at very attractive rental packages that are fully tax deductible. More importantly we will then purchase your waste plastic so that you can turn waste into profit.

Waste Consultants. Make sure that your company complies with the latest European regulations for recycling your packaging waste. We offer a free evaluation to help organise your waste recycling. If you are a manufacturer we will look at your full production process and identify areas where material can be reprocessed and diverted from landfill. This will make your operation more effective and profitable and bring you into line with European Directives.

Purchase Scrap Plastic. We offer very competitive prices for all forms of scrap plastic such as bailed plastic film, solid plastic waste e.g. coat hangers, plastic bottles, plastic window profiles etc.

Purchase Plastic. We purchase all forms of plastic such as scrap, regrind, compounded and new resin. Plastic Recycling Solutions purchases all types of plastics such as PVC, PP, HDPE, PET, LDPE, LLDPE, PS etc.

Sell Recycled Plastic. We offer a range of plastic recycled raw materials of the best quality. We make sure that we are fully aware of the source of all our plastic material to ensure there are no contaminants. As well as supplying our home market in the UK we also supply processors and traders through out the world. Plastic Recycling Solutions produces all types of regrind flake material and compounded plastic.

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